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Caleb Cooke was born in St. Michael, Barbados and is the owner and manager of Cooke’s Finest.
He worked with RBTT Bank for six years, starting in 2004, transitioning from Banker to Baker in 2010. It was while working at the bank that Caleb ‘went public’ with one of his first desserts – a tropical fruit salad, drenched in a complimentary rum fruit sauce. He served the dessert at an event held at the bank and everyone loved it! It was so good, his co-workers encouraged him to sell salads at work, so he did. Sales were later extended to gas stations, The University of The West Indies and Brighton Famers’ Market. 


The idea of managing a full-time business appealed to Caleb, and he eventually left the bank in 2010 to pursue his passion for baking on a full-time basis.

For three weeks in June 2012, with absolutely no experience, Caleb made cheesecakes and provided free samples to members of the public. They were a hit! 

After receiving multiple inquiries about when they would be available for sale, Caleb commenced a delivery service within the business, called Apple Fruit Salads. In 2015 Apple Fruit Salads was rebranded to Cooke’s Finest, in an attempt to establish a unique and marketable brand both locally and internationally.

By 2016, Caleb had successfully opened his first dessert café in Norman Centre, Bridgetown. This brave new venture resulted in many sleepless nights and tireless mornings. But Caleb’s drive and commitment kept him focused.


Since its inception, Cooke’s Finest has been blazing a trail when it comes to the dessert offerings in Barbados. Before the arrival of Cooke’s Finest on the baking scene in Barbados, only basic cheesecakes were available on the island. Caleb and Cooke’s Finest have changed this – inventing new flavours, and thinking outside the box by blending and fusing flavours together.Cooke’s Finest has added a kick to ‘regular cakes’ with a fusion of alcohol; and the Better Than Sex Chocolate Cake is one of their best sellers. Cooke’s Finest is now known island-wide for its delightful desserts, served at their café in Norman Centre Bridgetown, by the best staff.


Cooke’s Finest, through its employees, has also assisted several charities by donating their time and resources to help the less fortunate; and has been a part of the annual Girlfriend’s Expo for almost ten years. Cooke’s Finest, the finest moments to savor!

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