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Sign up for Cooke’s Finest Loyalty Program and start earning awesome rewards.


1. Visit Cooke’s Finest Café and register your cell number with us

2. You will receive a link via SMS text; Clicking the link will direct you to our rewards portal to complete your sign up process.

3. First (1st ) time sign ups will receive a Welcome Bonus of 50 points and another 50 Bonus Points when you enter your Birthday

4. When you shop with Cooke’s Finest just give us your cell number to collect your points.

5. Every $1 spent you earn 1 Point

Please keep the text safe on your phone; it will have the link that will take you to your portal.

In the portal you will see several options:

My Card; This allows you to see your own personal QR Code that we can scan so you can get your points.

Rewards; This section shows you ALL awards redeemable at Cooke’s Finest, and which awards you will be eligible for, base on your total points.

Account; This shows your Transaction History with Cooke’s Finest.


1st time signups will receive a Welcome Bonus of 50 Points

Enter your Birthday and receive 50 Points

Every 1$ spent you earn 1 Point


Earn 500 Loyalty Points and automatically be Upgraded to our VIP Status

Earn 2x points per $1 spent

All existing customers with 500 points or more will be Upgraded to VIP Status


Sign-up Anniversary; Customers are rewarded 50% off on their Café purchase on the sign-up anniversary. Once you received this text you have 12 hours to redeem this award (Identification is required when redeeming this reward.)

Birthday; You are sent a birthday reward of 50% Off your Café purchase once you have completed at least one transaction since your sign up. Customers must enter their correct Birthday. Once you received this text you have 12 hours to redeem this award (Identification is required when redeeming this reward)

Once customers have the following points you can redeem the following

250 points = $10

600 points = $30

800 points = $50

Cooke’s Finest Inc can add at anytime any special promotions for our Loyalty Rewards Program. All customers will be notified either by Email or Text. For more information Tel: 246-537-2447

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