Cooke’s finest Brunch Menu

1 Complementary Cup Loyd Tea and glass of Juice

Assorted Fruit Platter | Yogurt | Waffles | Egg | Ham & Cheese Croissant| Bacon | Herb Roasted Potato

Mac N Cheese | Pumpkin Fritters | Butter Corn | Chicken Nuggets | Beef Samosa | Meat Samosa | Assorted Mini Quiche


Cooke’s Finest Featured Dessert (Mint Chocolate Cake)

Service charge of 10% will be added to the bill.

N:B Take away containers are not allowed for Dine-in Customers.




Frontera Moscato White Wine …$35.00

Vina Maipo Moscato Bianco …$36.00

Chamdor White Alcohol-Free Sparkling …$25.00

Guntrum Riesling  …$50.00

Sparkling Prosecco

MontAlbano Prosecco …$54.00


Round Hill Rose …$50.00

Vina Maipo Blush Wine …$36.00

Banrock Station Pink Moscato …$40.00


Vina Maipo Sweet Red Wine  …$36.00

Hardys Stamp Sweet Red Reserve …$49.00


12oz …$15.00

Rum Punch …$5


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