Father’s Day Cupcake Special

$ 18.00


Chocolate Rum (Chocolate cupcake infused with Rum & finished with Chocolate Icing )

Coconut Rum (Coconut Cupcake infused with Coconut Rum, Coconut Icing & Coconut Shavings)

Daddy Vanilla (Classic Vanilla Cupcake with Custard & Vanilla Icing)

Orange Blueberry Dream (Orange Blueberry Cupcake finished with Blueberry Frosting & Tie)

Brownie Oreo Dream (Brownie & Oreo Swirl Cupcake Finish with Chocolate Frosting, Brownie Bites & Oreo Crunch)

Double Chocolate (White & Dark Chocolate Cupcake finished with Vanilla & Chocolate Frosting)

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